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The Mass of Jupiter - Lycée Français de Madrid
30 students - Bachillerato

On the 8th of March, students from the Lycée Français of Madrid came to ESAC to work on the scientific case about the mass of Jupiter.

At the beggining of their visit they talk with the coordinator of CESAR project, Dr. Michel Breitfellner about working at ESA, they also made lots of questionsabout astrophysics. Then they were welcomed by our monitors in order to begin the scientific case with a short talk about Galileo discovery of the four biggest Jupiter's moons in 1610. 


Using an adapted version of Galileo's observations of the moon's movement around Jupiter, the students were able to measure the orbital radius and period of these moons. Then, using calculus and formulas learnt in class they calculate other parameters like the orbital velocity and finally the mass of Jupiter. They also had to discuss among them the possible errors in their meausrements and how to correct them, in this way they learnt how scientist work. 

After the scientific we made a tour around ESAC installations talking about the different scale models of space missions like SOHO, Rosetta or Gaia. 


We hope to see you soon again and that new scientific vocations had arise!

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