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Sun Rotation - Lycée Molière
52 students - 2º ESO

All along March 7th morning, 52 students from School Lycée Molière came to ESAC and analyzed real data from one of our observatories and calculated the rotational period of the sun. 

Before beginning we divided them into two parts. The first one attended to an interactive tour in our facilities, watching real sized and scaled up versions of the most important missions of ESA, like GAIA, Rosetta and ISO. With a very brief introduction of every mission, a lot of questions from the students appeared, showing us their interes and enthusiasm about Space Exploration.  

And the second part was the study of real images of the sun taken by CESO in different days, in which there were sunspots that move from one day to the next. With that information they estimated how long takes the sun to spin around his axis!

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