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The Mass of Jupiter - IES Antonio Calvín
41 students - 4º ESO, 1º y 2º Bachillerato

The 15th of February, students from IES Antonio Calvín (Almagro, Ciudad Real) came to ESAC to work on an interesting scientific case about calculating the mass of Jupiter using Galileo's observations.

Before starting the scientific case we had a short talk about the discovered made by Galileo in 1610, he observed the moons of Jupiter and made aannotations of their orbital movement. Using this observations and the radius of the moon's orbits, the students were able to calculate the mass of Jupiter with less than a 10% of error. We also discussed how to improve or measurements and the origin of the error observed.

After the scientific case we visited as usual the installations and scale models of several scientific missions of the European Space Agency like Rosetta, Gaia or SOHO. We hope that new scientific vocations had arise among these wonderful students.

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