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Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram - Colegio Virgen de Europa
32 students - 1º Bachillerato

During February 15th, students from Colegio Virgen de la Encina came to ESAC to work on the scientific project about the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram. 

Before starting the scientific case we had a short talk about stellar evolution and how it is represented in the HR diagram. During the scientific case, the students had to discuss between them the evolution of a star similar to our sun in the diagram. Also, our monitor gave them examples or real objetcs observables in our galaxy which correspond with the different evolution steps like planetary nebulae, star clusters or protoplanetary rings. 


At the end we had a tour around ESAC talking about the most important scientifc missions of the European Space Agency like Gaia, Rosetta or SOHO. We are sure that this visit had increase the interest in space sciences among this students.

To visit us enter the Space Science Experience and follow the steps