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Sun Rotation - Colegio Valverde
77 students - 2º ESO

During the last Thursday, 77 students from Colegio Valverde came to ESAC to complete the scientific experience working on a scientific case and doing a tour around the ESAC installations. They also beat a record being the biggest group ever, as the coordinador of CESAR project, Dr. Michel Breitfellner, told them.

At the scientific case, the students had to measure the rotation period of the Sun with the help of the sunspots' movement. They use, among other resources, images taken directly from SOHO. During the visit to the scale models, there were a lot of questions about the most important missions of hte European Space Agency, like Rosetta or Gaia. We are sure that some scientific vocations has arise among these students.

We hope to see you soon again.

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