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The Sun


Basic Level

(8-12) years old

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Intermediate Level

(12-15) years old

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Advanced Level

(15-18) years old

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Super Hero Level

(Early University)



Although the Sun is an ordinary star in our Galaxy, it is the dominant object in our Solar System, and essential for life on Earth. A variation of only a few percent of its energy output would cause disastrous climate changes on Earth. Therefore, it is very important to observe and study the Sun, and to understand as much as possible how it works. Moreover, we can use the Sun learn more about our Solar System, and to test some physical theories, such as Einstein's Theory of Relativity.


Calculate the Venus-Sun distance using astronomical images of a Venus transit in front of the Sun, taken by the CESAR team. You will learn about the motion of planets in the Solar System, and how to measure distances using triangles.
Keywords: Sun, Transits, Solar System   


Measure the Coronal Mass Ejections by tracking them from SOHO/LASCO imagesYou will learn about their evolution and how to estimaate speed by tracking them in time-separated images. 
Keywords: Sun, SOHO
Levels available:
Measure the Sun's differential rotation by tracking sunspots at different latitudesYou will learn about the Sun's motion and how to estimate speed by tracking targets in time-separated images.
Keywords: SunCESO
Levels available:





* Providing students do have the background knowledge.