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On-line Projects

Basic Level

(8-12) years old

  When the indicator is fully coloured, there is material specifically developed for that level.

Intermediate Level

(12-15) years old

  When the indicator is half-coloured, the material from another level may be appropriated for this level. Give it a look!

Advanced Level

(15-18) years old

  When the indicator has no colour at all, the Science Case is not recomended for that level.

Super Hero Level

(Early University)



Measure the Coronal Mass Ejections by tracking them from SOHO/LASCO imagesYou will learn about their evolution and how to estimaate speed by tracking them in time-separated images. 
Keywords: Sun, SOHO
Levels available:


Measure the Sun's differential rotation by tracking sunspots at different latitudesYou will learn about the Sun's motion and how to estimate speed by tracking targets in time-separated images.
Keywords: SunCESO
Levels available:


Explore in ESASky and identify how the different astronomical objects may be observed. You will learn about the different process seen at the various spectral ranges and how to extract information from astronomical images.
Keywords: GalaxiesESASky
Levels available:



Explore in ESASky and clasify the galaxies you observe. You will learn about the structure of galaxies and how to extract information from astronomical images.
Keywords: Galaxies, ESASky
Levels available:



Explore several regions using ESASky to look for evidence of the interstellar medium. You will learn about the structure and properties of the ISM and how to extract information from astronomical images.
Keywords: ISM, ESASky
Levels available:

 Plan an observation, and calculate Jupiter's mass and the orbital periods of Jupiter's major moons.  You will learn about Kepler's Laws and how to get data from astronomical observations.

Keywords: Jupiter, Kepler's Laws, Solar System
Levels available:


Get to know about whether Mars has seasons and how to identify them by looking at the ESA Mars Express mission data
KeywordsMars, Seasons, Mars Express, VMC, Solar System
Levels available:
Get to know who the orbits of the satellites work
Keywords: Satellite, Orbits
Levels available:


Get to know who the data is sent and download from satellites and their misteries 
Keywords: Satellite, Orbits
Levels available:


Calculate the Venus-Sun distance using astronomical images of a Venus transit in front of the Sun, taken by the CESAR team. You will learn about the motion of planets in the Solar System, and how to measure distances using triangles.
Keywords: Sun, Transits, Solar System