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CESAR’s Cebreros Optical Telescope First Light

CESAR (Cooperation through Education in Science and Astronomy Research), an ESA-INTA-Isdefe’s joint educational project using astronomical and radio astronomical remote and robotic observatories, achieved first light with its Cebreros Optical Telescope (CEOT). The event took place late in August.

ESA Deep Space Antenna and CESAR optical observatory view. CESAR

The 50cm cassegrain reflector telescope, located at ESA’s Cebreros Deep Space Ground Station, operates autonomously without real-time human supervision. It is devoted to astrometric and photometric astronomical observations for systematic research in several fields: photometric detection of extrasolar planets, supernovae discovery, photometric follow-up of solar-type stars, and astrometry of near-Earth objects (NEOs). To this purpose, the telescopes are equipped with CCD cameras for direct imaging, and photometric wide and medium-band filters.

First Light from this observatory. In the photo: Triangulum Galaxy or M33 (click to enlarge). CESAR Team

Ring Nebula (M57) view in blue filter
 (click to enlarge). CESAR Team