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Solar Activity Update 5 Aug 2022

The CESAR Helios Observatory presents once again recent solar activity:

On August 4, 2022, a solar prominence emerged on the limb of the Sun, shown in the image below. This arc of hot plasma formed due to magnetic fields and is over 300,000 km long (spaceweather.com).

H-alpha image of the Sun, with a solar prominence on the limb (CESAR Helios Observatory, 04/08/2022, 08:10 UTC).

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New sunspots have formed on the disk of the Sun on August 5, 2022, shown below:

Visible images of the Sun, August 4 (top) and August 5 (bottom) from the CESAR Helios Observatory (04/08/2022, 08:48 UTC and 05/08/2022, 08:56 UTC).