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IES Miguel de Cervantes school received at ESAC by an astronomer

On 8th of February, the school from Alcazar de San Juan (Ciudad Real), IES Miguel de Cervantes, came to ESAC for a lecture from the astronomer Dr. Benjamín Montensinos.

For started, Dr. Michel Breitfellner, the coordinator of the CESAR Team, briefly described this Education project at ESAC which allows running observations from the classrooms by controlling the CESAR solar telescope and/or the radio antenna from the classrooms.


After this short introduction, the astronomer Dr. Benjamin Montensinos explained to them many many interesting things.Among them:

  • what is the European Space Agency and what role ESAC plays within it?
  • Why observe the Space?
  • How to design a mission? How much does it cost?
  • How are operations run for a spacecraft and what type of data do they generate?
  • What can be discovered from these data?
  • What is the astronomy worth for?


It was a super interesting session where the students could openly ask all their questions to our expert.

After this session, the students lead by Dr. Benjamin, walked through the ESAC site, stopping at the different spacecraft models, where our expert explained to them the different space missions such as ISO, SOHO, Herschel and Rosetta.

Their smiles revealed that they will never forget this space-science experience.