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Visit of the Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Aeronauticos de España

At the arrival Michel Breitfellner, which lead the vist,  made to them an introduction about ESA, the different missions that we run at ESAC and the CESAR Project.


Michel introduction about ESA


After that they group was shown the SMOS control room, where the SMOS Operation Manager, Jorge Fauste, explained to them in detail the mission, why the SMOS mission was located at ESAC and the great contribution from Spain to this mission.


After SMOS, the group was allocated at the CESAR lectures room, and were given a presentation of the Rosetta Mission by  the Operation Manager, Miguel Perez Ayucar. All the details and the throughful work for landing Philae in November 2014 and Rosetta in 30th October explained generate a great enthusiam into the public.

Miguel explained as well to the group the different components at the Rosetta spacecraft and its lander, Philea, at the Rosetta model in the outside part of ESAC.

The XMM-Newton mission, launched in Dec 1999 which is still runnig with a great sucess of scientific publications, was later shown by the XMM-Newton Data Aid, Beatriz Gonzalez.


At last, but not least, Michel shown the models of all the ESA mission ran at ESAC, answering all the questions from the public.

It was a  really nice afternoon. Thanks a lot to El Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Aeronauticos de España  for coming to know us.