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Detailed image of the Sun´s surface (es)

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On the image, some main features of the Sun's chromosphere such as sunspots or filaments are visible. The chromosphere is the layer above the photosphere and is thicker than it.

With a very low density, it´s impossible to observe the chromosphere without narrowband filters or during a total solar eclipse due to the brightness of the photosphere. Furthermore it’s less dense than the photosphere but reaches 25.000K at the top of the layer.

Captured with a Solarmax 90 h-Alpha telescope (9cm diameter) and a QHY5-II monochromatic camera from ESAC (European Space Astronomy Center) in Madrid, Spain.

The image is the result of stacking best 30% of the 8222 frames of a 283 seconds video. It was processed with Autostakkert 2 and Registax 6 free software.

The original image is on grayscale. The color was added later.


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