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Alejandro Romar Tejeiro


Romar joined the CESAR project as a trainee in July 2017, he came for only three months but he finally stayed until 2018. Among other things he developed various Science Cases that would give students hands on experience in astronomy. These are his main achievements: The Venus-Sun distance, Sun's Differential Rotation, Sun's Rotation Period.

Romar has now gone back to university to finish his studies in Astrophysics, but hopes to come back some day. Feel free to contact him at alejandro.romar.tejeiro@gmail.com for any doubts related to what he did at CESAR. Here you may check his profesional profile and his contribution to the CESAR program.

When Romar is not working in physics-related proyects, you may find him spending his free time doing photography. Take a look at his artistic photographies, or at his astrophotographies. Find more about him in his website.