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Teachers workshop at ESAC coordinated by CTIF & CESAR Team

During three days, from the 18th to the 20th of September, 25 teachers from the Comunidad de Madrid (CTIF)  came to ESAC for attending to a new edition of the Teacher's workshop. This time the topic identified by CTIF and the CESAR Team was related to preparing an observation and executing it.


On the 18th of September, the teachers, guided by Dr. Michel Breitfellner and using Stellarium installed at workstations, identified those targets that could be observable during the observing night of the  20th of September at ESAC. After planning the targets and the times when those could be visible at ESAC, Dra. Beatriz González introduced them ESASky, allowing them to access to the ESA archives in an easy way and handle the scientific images used by scientist from the ESA space missions.

On the 19th of September,  D. Abel de Burgos and D. Alejandro Romar introduced to the teachers the CESAR on-line science cases developed by the CESAR Team. In particular, the science case executed during the workshop was the calculation of the Venus-Sun distance, based on images collected by the CESAR Team in their two CESAR expeditions to Svalbard and Australia to observe the transit of Venus on the 2012-06-06. After the execution of this science case, D. Abel de Burgos, explained the teachers the basic concepts related to astrophotography, as a great expert on the matter.


On the 20th of September, the teachers arrived at 19h at ESAC, and after a nice picnic, they set up the CESAR telescopes together with the CESAR team. It was an unforgettable observing night where the teachers had the chance to have a hands-on session with real telescopes and cameras lead by the experts of the CESAR team (Dr. Michel Breitfellner, D. Manuel Castillo and D. Abel de Burgos).

Here you can find the talks provided at the workshop:

Topic Talk Presenter
Stellarium  pdf Dr. Michel Breitfellener
ESASky  pdf Dra. Beatriz González García
CESAR Scientific Cases  pdf D. Abel de Burgos & D. Alejandro Romar





D. Abel de Burgos




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