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Mission to the Moon - School Agora
55 students - 1st primary

School Agora came to ESAC today 23th of May for a Space Science Experience (SSE). They choose Mission to the Moon.

After a complete tour through ESAC facilities, at which they watch many of the replicas of the satellites built and operated by the European Space Agency, such as Herschel, Rosetta and GAIA:


They were divided into 5 smaller groups, and each of them was in charge of a different tasks to succeed in the mission:

  • Supplies team, they need to know what to take to the Moon
  • Scientists, they need to calculate the day and where to aim the rocket
  • Engineers, they had to build the rocket
  • Explorers, they need to know where to land the spaceship

And their mission was a complete success!!!

To visit us enter the Space Science Experience and follow the steps