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Mission to Mars I

   5-6 th grade of Primary school & 1 ESO  (10-14 years old)


Material to be prepared before coming to ESAC:

  • Some experience with 3D and 2D terrain maps. Identification of different types of energy.
  • Videos that can be watched in the classroom to enhance the Experience.

Material to be used in ESAC: Scientific Game and the scientific images of Mars, collected by the ESA and NASA space missions.

Meet Mars. Credits: ESA


Living in Mars is an importan achieve by itself! but nowadays youngsters may live it. For that reason, the CESAR Team offers you a fun and instructive game to make students think about:


- How would it be a trip to Mars?

- What should they bring for the moving, as they are going to live there

- Where would they land  and build their houses on Mars, taking into account three main factors, for which we give them these tips:

         a. the area selected must get enough sunlight

         b. the are selected must have water resources (even though when this is not in a liquid state)

         c. the area selected should be flat and have the proper conditions for the rover to drive on it.


The students will use a topographic map of Mars and scientific images of specific areas on Mars collected by the ESA space missions (Mars Express and ExoMars).


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