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Marina Cano
Marina Cano Amoros is a physics graduate from Imperial College London. She is Spanish, born in Munich (Germany), and raised in Alicante (Spain). During the last two years of high school, she attended weekly seminars about physics and astronomy in the University of Alicante, and this led her to pursue a physics degree in London, a city she had always wanted to live in. After graduating, she decided to move to Munich and specialise in astrophysics at Ludwig Maximilian University, where she is currently finishing her master thesis on star formation in the Carina Nebula.
Complimentary to her studies, Marina is very involved in spreading awareness about science and astronomy. She is part of a start-up focused on making low-cost physics experiments. She has also volunteered in planetariums at the Science Museum of London and the European Southern Observatory in Munich. Marina knows first hand how important science outreach is, which is why she has joint the CESAR team with the aim of motivating and inspiring youngsters like she was once inspired.