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Fran Acién

Fran Acién is student of Grado en Ingeniería de Tecnologías y Servicios de Telecomunicación at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain.

He worked in the research laboratory at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Intelligent System Group (2018-2019). He collaborates with the Research Laboratoy of University of Granada, GranaSAT. Part of ESA's SOCIS program, developing software fot antenna control at GranaSAT (2016-2017).

He has belonged to the RadioClub EIT of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid as president (2018-2019). He is part of the organization WhiteClub, project for the creation of network infrastructures and deployment of services for communities and HackLabs. He is organizer at HackLab Almería and Jaquería of Almería. Free software and technology enthusiast. All his works are open source and can be found on his website.

He has been organizer of different national software and electronics events.  He exhibited different works of art in the Almería Museum, with the group Pymiento Project. Winner of the National Software Free University Contest with the development of the mobile application DiedricoApp.