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Diego Salvadores


Diego studied a bachelor degree in Communication at the Complutense University in Madrid. During his time as a student, he participated in his faculty's Scientific Outreach Association (Plataforma de Divulgación Científica) as community manager.

He is also a sound technician, and has participated in the creation of various short films and a movie called ZERO, directed by Marcos Callejo.

He has also participated in the designing of the sound atmospheres for several theatre plays in a company called El Barracón, where he has also performed as an actor for two years.

But his greatest passion is science communication.

He is the co-creator of a YouTube channel (ScienceNeedle) along with a colleague who studied physics, where they regularly post science videos on a broad range of thematics, being astrophysics and space exploration his favourite topics.

In his spare time he likes to sail, hike, play the guitar or try to get good pictures of the galactic centre.

He joined CESAR's team in the second half of 2020, and he is responsible of the communications and social networking.