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Sergio Manthey Corchado
Sergio Manthey Corchado is a physics student born in Bremen (Germany) in the year 1996 but raised in Mallorca (Spain). His career started with the completion of the scientific brach of the Spanish high school. The next step brought him back to Bremen for the bachelor’s, revisiting a part of his family roots. Now he is about to finish a master's course held at Rome, that he has chosen following his interest in particle physics. He has written his thesis on the subject of dark matter research using microwave kinetic inductance detectors.
Regarding his work experience, being a research assistant and physics teacher have been his main tasks but also part-time tutor at an English academy or bicycle tour guide around roman’s old aqueducts and churches are activities that have kept him busy. He joins the CESAR team with the aim of bringing science closer to all students and make “complicated stuff” (as kids nowadays would call it) more appealing and interesting. In his free time, Sergio likes to play the guitar and tinker with old vintage bicycles. Traveling and visiting friends abroad are among his favourite pre-covid activities and he hopes being able to recover them soon. Until then, he tries to do his part by spreading knowledge and enthusiasm about the remaining and infinite mysteries of our universe.