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Travel through Solar System - St. Michael’s School
39 students - 4º Primary

On the 5th of October, students from 5th grade of primary school from St. Michael’s School came to ESAC to discover the “Interplanetary travel” experience.
Before starting with our travel through the solar system we made a tour visiting the scale models of some of the most important ESA’s missions like Gaia, Rosetta or Herschel while lots of questions came from these young students.

Once we came back to the room we started our interplanetary travel. Thanks to an audiovisual and interactive experience the students learnt about the planets from our solar system, touching moon rocks and ice from Saturn’s ring system. They also visualize Jupiter atmosphere and traveled using 3D glasses.

We hope that your curiosity about the world surrounding us had grown and that you continue discovering the solar system and beyond
We will see again soon!

To visit us enter the Space Science Experience and follow the steps