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Estudio school Space-Science Experience
51 students - 5th year of the Primary School

On the 15th of March, a group of  51 students of the Estudio school came to ESAC with a clear goal: Design a mission to go to the Moon.

The students had started their preparation in their classrooms, as part of the Space-Science Experience that the CESAR team offers to the spanish schools. For that they had watched a serie of videos made by the CESAR team where it was explained "What the European Space Agency is?", "How are the rockets launched into space?", "What type of space missions are?".

Once at ESAC the CESAR team welcomed the students from the Estudio school. The students already knew some of the faces of some of the CESAR team as they were at the videos watched and the CESAR coordinator had performed a Skype session with them few days before. The CESAR team answered to all the questions relevant for the students during the first minutes.


After that, the group of students were divided into two groups: those that were going to collect the data ("the scouts") and those that were going to analyze the data ("the scientist").

The scouts, guided by a couple of members of the CESAR team, were to discover the ESA space missions, stopping at each of the mock-ups available at ESAC. The students learnt the difference between the missions that observe the Earth and those that look outside to space. They also identified the variety of the light spectral range and the characteristics that the space missions should have to study the far-infrarred, the visible and the ultraviolet spectral range. 

The researchers or scientist, worked at the Scientific Case, designing a mission to the Moon. For this this group was divided into working teams, as it is done in the space mission, having each one of them a task: design the satellite, design the rocket, design the orbit, identify the launch and landing date considering that the trip was going to take 5 days, and select the landing area. Each of the teams shared to their schoolmates, the Scientific Community, their calculations, their hypothesis and their results.

Once the researchers and the scouts finished their activities they swap their role, having all the students the chance to experiment and learn from both activities.

It was a very interesting morning for the students and for the CESAR team. Everything is ready to go to the Moon. Send us your "Abstracts" with your final calculations and we will complete the designing process of the mission.

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