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Blood Moon: longest eclipse in a century
CESAR team witnessed and recorded on 27th July 2018 the longer lunar eclipse in a century, from ESAC (European Space Astronomy Center). Leer más

Curso de profesores Explora el Universo con tu clase (es)
Explora el Universo con tu clase es el primer curso de la iniciativa CESAR, 100% dedicado a formar a profesores de secundaria en cómo realizar en su clase casos científicos con contenido de Astronomia y ciencias del Espacio. Los datos empleados corresponden a imagenes del Sol, tomadas por el telescopio solar CESAR en ESAC, y de las misiones espaciales ESA/NASA, accesibles a traves de ESASky. Leer más

Eratosthenes Experiment 2018
The CESAR team organized a special experimental activity about the classical Earth’s diameter calculation, with the Caude School of Majadahonda, Madrid and IES Manuel de Falla, Maracena, Granada. The 1-2 ESO students (12-14 years old) learnt how in 200 BC, the Greek mathematician Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth using simple geometry and a few measurements. In the activity of discovery, students used sticks, shadows, and abstraction, using Eratosthenes’s assumptions and a few pieces of information. Leer más

Diamond ring
A diamond ring for San Valentine Leer más

The Sun in 2017
The Sun in 2017 as seen by the CESAR Helios Observatory located at ESAC, Madrid. The posters compile in a calendar form a sample of the images acquired during each day in 2017. Other highlights of 2017 are also shown. Leer más

ESAC CubeSat Ground Station Presentation
Firsts advances on the new ESAC CubeSat ground station Leer más

Japanese School special visit
Special talk about JAXA and ESA collaboration, international collaboration in the ISS and next Solar System missions. Also, we present a video recorded by Lectures team, in Japan on September talking about robots, Kibo and Bepicolombo. Leer más

Solar Eclipse Expedition during the ESA Space Science Workshop
CESAR was present on the ESA Science Workshop SSW#10, held 13-15 Nov 2017 in Aranjuez. CESAR displayed a series of 5 posters, plus one more in collaboration with Proba-3 team. Leer más

Página: 1 2 3 4 ... 13 14 (8 Noticias por página) - See all news