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Come to ESAC to learn more about European Space Agency and space science.


CESAR organises training courses for primary and secondary school teachers together with the "Centro Territorial de Innovación y Formación" (CTIF) of the Regional Ministry of Education of the Madrid region. For a period of four days, from 17:00 to 20:00, ESAC scientists and engineers working on ESA missions present scientific and technical topics related to astrophysics and space exploration to a total of 65 teachers of the Madrid area. After the training course, teachers are evaluated in order to obtain an official certificate, which is valid within the frame-work of mandatory teacher training in Madrid. In 2017 we are also planning to transmit the courses online for teachers in the other provinces of Spain, in order to reach hundreds pf school teachers with each course. Hopefully in the future the aim is to offer this type of training course to teachers in all ESA member states.

Current workshop topics

  • Introduction to the European Space Agency (ESA) - Javier Ventura-Traveset (ESA spokes person in Spain & Head of Galileo Science Office)
  • Presentation of the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) and the CESAR initiative - Michel G. Breitfellner (CESAR Coordinator & Mars Express Science Operations Engineer)
  • Earth Observation - Manuel Castillo (Galileo Science Office & Mars Express Science Operations Engineer)
  • SMOS: A space mission for studying the water cycle - Jorge Fauste (SMOS Scientific Operations Manager)
  • Satellite navigation and the European programme: Galileo - Javier Ventura-Traveset (ESA spokes-person in Spain & Head of Galileo Science Office)
  • System Engineering for Space Missions - Alejandro Cardesin (Mars Express Science Operations Manager & Exomars and JUICE Science Operations Engineer)
  • History of the Universe - Eduardo Ojero (XMM-Newton Scientific Data Processing Engineer)
  • X-Ray Astronomy - María Santos-Lleo (XMM-Newton Science Operations Manager)
  • Radio Astronomy - Manuel Castillo (Galileo Science Office & Mars Express Science Operations Engineer)
  • Exploring the Outer Solar System: looking for our origins - Nicolas Altobelli (ESA Scientist, operations department, directorate of science)
  • Rosetta, exploring a comet - Miguel Perez Ayucar (Rosetta Science Operations Engineer)
  • Gaia, mapping our Galaxy - Jose Hernandez (Gaia Science Operations Engineer)
  • Infrared astronomy, Herschel Mission - Pedro Garcia-Lario (Herschel Science Operations Manager)

Some images

Introduction to the Teachers Training Course
Introduction to the Teachers Training Course

XMM-Newton control room

SMOS Earth Observation Control Room

Mars Exploration

In the news

Curso de profesores Explora el Universo con tu clase (es)
Explora el Universo con tu clase es el primer curso de la iniciativa CESAR, 100% dedicado a formar a profesores de secundaria en cómo realizar en su clase casos científicos con contenido de Astronomia y ciencias del Espacio.
Teachers workshop at ESAC coordinated by CTIF & CESAR Team
On the week of the 18th of September 2017, it was held at ESAC a new workshop for teachers coordinated by CTIF and the CESAR Team. The topic this time was about how to plan and execute observations with telescopes and how to extract scientific results from them.
New workshop for teachers at ESAC hosted by the CESAR Team & CTIF
From 6 to 9 of February, the CESAR Team held a new workshop for teachers at ESAC.
November 2016 CTIF Workshop Course 2 at ESAC
Between 7 to 11 November 65 teachers attended the CTIF workshop at ESAC
October 2016 CTIF Workshop Course 1 at ESAC
65 teachers attended to a CTIF workshop at ESAC
A course for teachers was given by the Community of Madrid on 17, 18, 19, and 23 May.