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October 2016 CTIF Workshop Course 1 at ESAC

From 24th to 27th of October a group of 65 teachers came to ESAC (European Space Astronomy Center) to learn about the European Space Agency and their scientific missions.

On Monday 24th representants from CTIF, the European Space Agency and the authorities from Villanueva de la Canada city inaugurated this workshop.

From left to right: Dr. Michel G. Breitfellner, Dr. Javier Ventura-Traveset and Dr. Javier Delgado,

representants from the European Space Agency.



The workshop was distributed along these lines.

Day  Topic Speaker file
2016/10/24 La Agencia Espacial Europea Dr. Javier Ventura-Traveset & Dr. Michel G. Breitfellner talk
2016/10/25 Radio Astronomy Dr. Manuel Castillo & Dr. Michel G. Breitfellner talk
2016/10/26 Astronomía de Rayos X Dr. María Santos-Lleo talk
2016/10/27 Exploration of Mars and Venus Express by the European Space Agency Dr. Alejandro Cardesin




On the first day, Dr. Javier Ventura-Traveset, representant from the Space Agency in Spain, explained the European Space Agency activities and in detail those at its unique base in Spain, at the European Space Astronomy Center. These activities comprehend from the development of new missions, running scientific operations, data archival and science exploitation and furthermore education activities (CESAR Team).

Each of the talks was introduced by Dr. Michel G. Breitfellener, ESA Education Coordinator in Spain. They cover the astronomy from the radio astronomy to the X-ray astronomy. 

Slide from Dr. Maria Santos-Lleo was the electromagnetic spectrum is shown.


From the galaxy clusters, supernovas and black holes(detected by XMM-Newton) to the deep study of the closest planets Venus and Mars (by Venus Express and Mars Express).

Dr. Michel Breitfellner introducing to  Dr. Maria Santos-Lleo who explained the high energetic universe and how

the XMM-Newton mission detect it


Dr. Maria Santos-Lleo at the XMM-Newton real time control room explaining all the details about this successful

mission carrying out scientific operations for already 16 years.


Dr. Alejandro Cardesi at the introduction of his talk about Mars Express

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