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Topographic Planetary Study with Augmented Reality - Colegio Parque
50 students - 2nd ESO

On the 14th of December, students from Parque school came to ESAC to work on the topographic studies scientific case with augmente reality.

At the beggining of the visit, our team answered several question brought by the students about the creation of black holes or the origin of asteroids and comets in our Solar System. After the welcoming we slipt into two groups, one of them first visit the scale models present at ESAC of missions like Gaia, Rosetta or ISO. 

In the meantime, the other group was doing the scientific case in which they learnt how to read topographic maps and how to use them for several cases. One of the greatest tools in this scientific case was the agumented reality sandbox, using 3D cameras, a light projector and a sandbox, the students can model different surface features in 3D in real time. 

Thank you for your visit and we hope that your curiosty continue growing every day!

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